There really isn’t that much to say about this website that hasn’t already been said by thousands of bloggers across the universe. It is clearly the best website you will ever come to, so don’t even think that you can dedicate overall power and tenacity. That’s right, if you think that you want to come up against the indie superstar, you probably wouldn’t have to deal with the entire Wu-Tang Clan. I’m friends with them you know.

If you feel like getting in contact with me because you hate something that I’ve said here, then you should probably go take a long walk off of a rather short pier. I’ve got very little in the way of time for haters.

If you want to Paypal me some cash, then put something in the comments somewhere on the site and I’ll send you my e-mail so that you can line my pockets. Otherwise, don’t bother me.


The K

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